Standing (indicated below by *) and ad hoc committees give members the opportunity to take a deeper dive into specific areas of interest. Standing committees are required per the organization's bylaws. Committee chairs report directly to the Board of Directors, ensuring that the committee’s goals and objectives are in tune with the organization’s strategic plan. In addition to Board and committee service, there are many ways for volunteers to get involved with the Association.


AAA is a member of the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) Council of Faculty and Academic Societies (CFAS), the mechanism through which the faculty of medical colleges participates in AAMC governance.

Edgar Meyer, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (6/30/2024)
Rebecca Lufler, Tufts University School of Medicine (6/30/2023)


As an organizational member of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB), AAA is also part of a coalition of independent societies that play an active role in advocating for the interests of biomedical and life scientists to Congress and other scientific bodies. While we operate independently, being part of a larger coalition means that no organization is working in a vacuum; we’re part of a larger group and benefit through our power in numbers. Some of our advocacy efforts, for example, are shared by FASEB. Learn more about FASEB membership. At the Federation level, Association interests are represented by AAA members.

Board of Directors: Andrea Taylor, Touro University

Journal Editorial Board: Melissa R. Andrews, University of Southampton

IT Subcommittee: Geoffrey Guttman, University of Medicine and Health Sciences

Science Policy Committee: Joseph Yost, University of Utah (6/30/2025)

Science Policy Committee, Early-Career Representative: Habiba Chirchir, Marshall University 

Excellence in Science Award Committee: Tina Tootle, University of Iowa (6/30/2025)

Animals in Research and Education Subcommittee: Kristin Stover, West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine (12/31/2022)