Professional Development Committee

Responsible for planning the professional development component of the Annual Meeting and webinars, reviewing applications for Short-Term Visiting Scholarships, and providing oversight of related projects.


  • Develop and implement professional development sessions at the Annual Meeting including recruiting participants, speakers, and workshop organizers.
  • Develop and implement professional development webinars.
  • Advance career networking and mentoring opportunities for members at Annual and Regional Meetings.
  • Generate enduring professional development materials and resources for distribution at meetings, workshops, and online.
  • Contribute to agenda item discussions during conference calls and at the Annual Meeting.
  • Volunteer for subcommittees of the PDC.
  • Review and score applications and select recipients for Short-Term Visiting Scholarships.


  • Be an active member in good standing
  • Have a vested interest in professional development and mentoring of members
  • Participation is required



NameCompanyThru Date
Laura JohnsonUniversity of Missouri - Columbia12/31/2022


NameCompanyThru Date
J. Bradley BargerUniversity Alabama At Birmingham12/31/2021
Kirsten BrownGeorge Washington University12/31/2022
Nicole DeVaulGeorge Washington University12/31/2023
Eustathia Lela GiannarisUniversity of Massachusetts Medical School12/31/2021
Darren HoffmannUniversity of Iowa12/31/2022
H Wayne LambertWest Virginia University12/31/2021
Ralph MarcucioUniversity of California - San Francisco4/30/2022
Rebecca PrattOakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine12/31/2023
Ellen RobertsonUniversity of Mississippi Medical Center12/31/2023
Aidan RuthSaint Louis University12/31/2023
Mikaela StiverMcGill University12/31/2022


The committee shall hold about 4 conference calls per year as well as meet during the Annual Meeting and at other such times as the business of the Association may require.


The Committee submits a report to the Board at its spring and fall meetings.


  • This committee shall consist of at least 10 members, plus representatives from the Educational Affairs Committee and the Program Committee.
  • One position is reserved for a student member.
  • The committee chair or representative will serve on the Program Committee as a liaison.

Appointment Process

  • Following review of volunteer applicants from the membership, the PDC will make recommendations to the leadership for filling vacancies on the committee and the Board of Directors approves the appointments.
  • Members serve for 3 years; the chair serves for 2 years in this capacity.
  • The term follows the calendar year, beginning January 1 and continuing through December 31 in the year of expiration.