Program Committee

Responsible for the overall Annual Meeting program with duties that include planning scientific sessions, soliciting symposia proposals, inviting keynote and plenary speakers, programming abstracts, and approving the schedule/format. The committee also provides input on the content and format of other scientific programs, as required.


  • Annual Meeting duties:
    • Planning scientific sessions
    • Soliciting symposia proposals
    • Inviting keynote and plenary speakers
    • Programming abstracts
    • Approving the schedule/format
  • Provides input on the content and format of other scientific programs, as required


  • Be an active member in good standing
  • Committee members are expected to attend 2 one-day, in-person programming meetings in mid-May and mid-January, as well as attend the Annual Meeting
  • To be considered for this committee appointment, applicants must be a current Regular member or in a Faculty position
  • Preference will be given to those actively involved in research in the designated areas



NameCompanyThru Date
Ralph MarcucioUniversity of California - San Francisco4/30/2022
Joan RichtsmeierPennsylvania State University4/30/2024


NameCompanyThru Date
Kristin ArtingerUniversity of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus4/30/2025
Kirsten BrownGeorge Washington University12/31/2022
Jeffrey BushUCSF4/30/2025
Margaret HallMidwestern University4/30/2024
Angelo IulianellaDalhousie University12/31/2022
Laura JohnsonUniversity of Missouri - Columbia12/31/2022
Paul KulesaStowers Institute for Medical Research4/30/2024
Victoria RoachUniversity of Washington4/30/2022
Brenda RongishUniversity of Kansas Medical Center4/30/2022
Matthew VickaryousUniversity of Guelph4/30/2023
Xiangmin XuUniversity of California - Irvine4/30/2023


  • The committee will meet 2-3 times per year.
  • It is required that all members of the committee attend the Annual Meeting.
  • The committee will hold two 1-day planning meetings plus up to 4 conference calls.


The Program Co-Chairs report to the Board at its spring and fall meetings.


The committee generally consists of 10-14 members, including 2 Program Co-Chairs and representatives to serve as liaisons from EAC, CECA, and PDC.

Appointment Process

  • Members are appointed by the Program Co-Chairs to ensure there are representatives from each of the Association’s core areas.
  • The term begins after the Annual Meeting and continues through April of the Annual Meeting in the year of expiration.
  • Members serve a 4-year term.