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Join us in Washington, DC for the inaugural Anatomy Connected Meeting held at the JW Marriott Hotel. 

Connect in person with colleagues and friends from around the world.  Don’t Miss out on being part of this event!


Member Engagement




Terms and Conditions


About the Meeting

The American Association for Anatomy’s Annual Meeting, Anatomy Connected, engages over 700 educators, researchers and students in an interactive, research-driven experience that inspires new knowledge and discoveries in anatomy.

The meeting features plenary lectures, Keynotes, workshops, symposia, posters presentations, on-site career services and exhibits spotlighting products and services integral to this professional community.

About the American Association for Anatomy

Above all, AAA is a community of peers – educators, researchers, and students of the anatomical sciences and anatomy-related fields – that offers support and collaboration to fellow members, future members, as well as healthcare and allied professions. Our international community respects differences, acts with professionalism, and upholds the mission, vision, values, and policies of the Association. We are firmly committed to welcoming, developing, and maintaining scientists and educators by embracing individuals with diverse life experiences. Rooted in the scientific method, we support rigor in all aspects of anatomy research and education. We deeply respect the human body and honor those who entrust us with the ultimate gift. Science binds us to a common purpose. Excellence guides our work. Inspiration fuels our curiosity. We approach our research, educational, and clinical practices as opportunities to advance science and medicine.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Maximize your exposure by selecting the perfect combination of opportunities that optimize your presence and visibility at Anatomy Connected 2023.

Member Engagement

Digital Transformation in Anatomy Talks

Join AAA members to discuss digital transformations within anatomy. These 30-minute case studies/product demo webinars are the perfect opportunity to showcase your software or technology.


  • Speaker choice for DTA Talk
  • One 30-minute segment webinar OR annual meeting 
  • AAA representative as host and Q&A moderator
  • Logo recognition on all marketing, including website, eblasts, signage
  • Recorded content on AAA website for 1 year
Price PACKAGE one webinar + 1 Annual meeting session          $5,000
Webinar only $3,000
Annual meeting only $3,000

Experts in Anatomy Interviews  

At the AAA annual meeting, experts will participate in a 1-hour panel discussion for all attendees on the Future of Anatomy with Q&A. This forum is where the thought experts gather to discuss trends. 


  • 1 expert suggested (subject to AAA approval)
  • Brief introduction of speaker for webinar only
  • AAA representative as host and Q&A moderator
  • Logo recognition on all marketing, including website, eblasts, signage

Price PACKAGE one webinar + Annual meeting panel $3,500

Innovation in Anatomy Education (IAE) Lightning Talks  

At the AAA annual meeting, a rapid fire learning session on Innovation in Anatomy Education will provide multiple ideas in a 1 hour time period. Similar to the quarterly webinars, IAE talks are exciting 10-minute mini-talks within a one hour time period.


  • 1 IAE Talk speaker for 10 minutes (subject to AAA approval)
  • AAA representative as host and Q&A moderator
  • Logo recognition on all marketing, including website, eblasts, signage
  • Recorded webinar content on AAA website for 1 year
Price PACKAGE one webinar + Annual meeting session $3,500
Webinar only $1,500
Annual meeting only $2,500

Interactive Roundtables

At the AAA annual meeting, Interactive Roundtables is a 90-minute session where attendees can sit and discuss selected topics in 30-minute rotation segments. 


  • One table with any topic and speaker that you select
  • Estimated exposure to 30 attendees (10 people per rotation, 3 rotations)
  • AAA representative as host and Q&A moderator
  • Logo recognition on all marketing, including website, eblasts, signage

Price: $1,500 per table (maximum of 10 sponsors)

Lunch & Learn

Align your company with a Lunch & Learn. These sessions are anticipated to be very well attended by participants who seek up to date research in specific areas.


  • Sponsor will provide a 1-3 minutes introduction
  • Sponsor Logo on slide at the start of the presentation
  • Sponsor Logo included in marketing of selected Lunch & Learn on website, mobile app, program, and signage

Price: $1,500 (4 available)

Anatomy Connected Networking Coffee Break

Morning or Afternoon coffee in the exhibit area is a great way to provide support of a traffic generator to the exhibit hall.

Company logo on 22" x 28" sign acknowledging support of the coffee break
Sponsor recognition included on website, mobile app, program, and signage

Price: $3,500 (4 available)

Advisory Panel/Focus Group 

The AAA Annual meeting is an opportunity to meet and discuss ideas in depth with anatomy scientists, researchers, and educators. This is an opportunity to connect the full spectrum of members, conduct detailed focus groups, or solicit thoughts from an ad-hoc advisory panel.
AAA does not select the group participants but will send out an eblast with your information and invitation. Food and beverage and A/V extra cost.


  • One room rental for approx. 30 attendees. 
  • Logo recognition on all marketing, including website, eblasts, signage
  • AAA will send custom eblast to all attendees with your information and invitation 

Price (2 available)

90 Minutes     $1,000 
Half Day $2,000 per room
 Full Day $3,500 per room


Plenary speaker Introduction

Plenary sessions energize and inspire attendees while bringing your company to the forefront during an elevating and uplifting presentation. 


  •  1 company representative to introduce speaker (3 min and script will be provided about speaker)
  • Logo recognition on all marketing including website, eblasts, signage

Price: $2,500 (2 available)

Anatomy Connected Totebag (Exclusive)

Align your organization with AAA including your company logo on the 1st Anatomy Connected totebag. The totebag will be distributed to all attendees at registration. 

  • Sponsor single colored logo on the Anatomy Connected 2023 totebag
Price: $7,500 


Poster Gallery 

The AAA posters will appear at the annual meeting and online in a virtual poster gallery for several months following the meeting. 


  • Logo, hyperlink, and banner advertisement in an email announcing virtual poster gallery (Link can be to company’s virtual showcase)
  • Logo recognition on all marketing, including website, eblasts, signage
  • Logo and hyperlink on virtual poster gallery main page

Price: $3,500

Hotel Room Key Card  

Place your company logo on every key card provided to attendees staying at the host hotel. The key cards will be given at check-in and used to access hotel rooms throughout their stay, a great on-going reminder of your Company and products.

Price: $2,500 for license (additional hotel fees apply)


Place your logo on all lanyards given to each attendee, exhibitor, and staff member. Mobilize your company’s logo throughout the annual meeting. Attendees will be photographed during the annual meeting, and as such, your company’s logo will appear in future promotional
and marketing materials for the annual meeting. (Single color repeating with meeting logo.)
Price: $5,000 (exclusive)

Onsite meter board sign 

Advertise your message and custom graphics on the back of 2 directional signs.  These signs, approx. size 3’ wide x 8’ tall, are located throughout the meeting space. 

Price: $2,500  


Conference website ads

Place your custom ad on the main annual meeting website. This square ad will be approx. 400 pixels by 400 pixels and will appear on the right-hand side of the annual meeting main page. This ad will appear the 3 months prior to the meeting and 1 month post-meeting.

Tile Ad: $1,000 (2 Available)

Mobile App

All attendees will use this mobile app to access the schedule, session descriptions, and speaker bios. 

Splash Screen $1,500 (Exclusive)
Your custom graphic will be seen by all attendees each time that they open the

Banner Ad – Exhibitor Directory Page $650 
Advertise on the exhibitor directory section of the mobile app.

Banner Ad – Schedule Page $750
Advertise on the browse by schedule section of the mobile app.

Social Media Ad

Reach the AAA community and Anatomy Connected Attendees with a custom advertisement on the AAA Anatomy Connected Facebook and Twitter Feed (specs to be provided)


  • 1 custom ad to be posted on AAA Anatomy Connected Facebook and Twitter Feed (2-4 weeks before the event)

Price:  $1,200 (4 available)

Sponsored E-blast

Companies can send customized message and graphic to Anatomy Connected 2023 attendees. E-blasts will be sent to registered attendees. AAA will schedule a maximum of 2 per week (Tuesday and Thursday) in the immediate 4 weeks to 1 week before the event and 2 weeks post event. No sponsored e-blasts will be scheduled the week before or the week of Anatomy Connected. 


  • Sponsor customized message, graphic and link sent to registered attendees at time of date selected (materials are due three weeks prior to email launch)
  • Select date of e-blast launch. (date your e-blast will be sent will be confirmed upon purchase)
 Price:  $2,500 (5 Available)

Anatomy Connected Awards Ceremony Program Advertisement 

Place an advertisement in the Anatomy Connected Awards Ceremony Program placed on each seat at the ceremony. 

Back Cover (4 color) $1,000   5.5”x 8.5” with bleeds
Inside Front Cover (4 color)   $1,000   5.5”x 8.5” with bleeds

Printed Program (5 ads available)

Place an advertisement in the Anatomy Connected 2023 Inaugural Program provided to all attendees at registration.

Back Cover (4 color) $2,000  7.5”x 10.5” with bleeds
Inside Front Cover (4 color)   $1,500   7.5”x 10.5” with bleeds
Full Page (4 color)     $1,000   7.5”x 10.5” with bleeds
1/2 Page (4 color)    $750   7.5”x 5” with no bleeds
1/2 Page (B/W)     $500   7.5”x 5” with no bleeds

Registration Conference Email Banner

Put your logo and custom graphic banner at the bottom of every conference registration email that is sent out.  Your information will be prominently placed at the end of the attendee registration that is sent to every attendee. 


  • The confirmation email will include up to one advertisement with hyperlink
Price: $1,500

Totebag Insert/Registration Flyer

Advertise your company/products to all attendees with your custom flyer. 

Price: $1,500 (5 available)

Reception $10,000 Exclusive Sponsor or $5,000 co-sponsor

This evening event for attendees is a chance to welcome attendees to the inaugural Anatomy Connected. Attendees can network with new colleagues and old friends. Sponsor representative may welcome those attending.


  • Sponsor Logo on 22x28 sign at reception acknowledging support of the reception
  • Sponsor Logo included on website, mobile app, program, and signage


Exhibits are SOLD OUT. Contact Deanne Rockola Altman ([email protected]) for details on other marketing opportunities.

Exhibits can include both in-person tabletop exhibit and year-round virtual “showcase” to maximize your exposure to AAA members. 

Why Exhibit

  • Access to the leading experts in anatomy.
  • Make lasting connections within our diverse and dynamic community of anatomy professionals.
  • Gain new insights at the comprehensive educational program driven by anatomy industry thought leaders.
  • Market your organization and raise brand exposure to thousands of anatomy scientists while enhancing your organization’s reputation.
  • Reach new audiences and gather leads with prospects for your anatomy products/services.
  • Recruit talent from the entire anatomy industry.
  • Show support of current customers who may be giving a talk, presenting a poster, or hosting a workshop.
  • Showcase your products/services through hands-on demonstrations and in-depth discussions related to anatomy and the anatomical sciences

Who Should Exhibit

  • Lab Equipment and Reagent Suppliers
  • Visualization Software
  • Biotech Companies
  • Publishers
  • Digital Education Companies
  • Medical online classes
  • Anatomy Teaching/Demonstration Supplies

Exhibitor Benefits

  • Registration (1 full registration)
  • Complimentary Lead Retrieval unit per company 
  • Exhibitor can purchase 1 additional registration at 50% discount off non-member regular rate)
  • 1 skirted table, 1 chair
  • Company name/logo in listing on website, app, program and signage

Price: $2,000 (16 available)

Exhibitor Product Demonstration $1,500 (6 Available)

Sponsors can showcase innovative products. Presentations will be scheduled for 30 minutes and have audience of 30+ people. Each presentation will be approximately 20 minutes, plus a 10-minute Q&A. The AAA will schedule all presentations and notify you of your assigned time slot. Time slots available upon request. 


  • Ability to host a speaker of your choosing (one 30-minute session). 
  • Organization logo and acknowledgment on all marketing for this area within the Exhibit Hall and exhibit sections of the AAA’s online website, mobile app, program, and signage. 
  • Listing in materials includes session title, description with speaker’s name (designation, title, company), and company logo. 
  • A/V included, speaker to provide flash-drive of presentation

Anatomy Connected 2023 Terms and Conditions

  1. Event Management: Sponsorships and other items for sale for AAA Annual Meeting 2023 in Washington, DC is organized and managed by the America Association for Anatomy (AAA). Any matters not covered in these Rules and Regulations are subject to the interpretation of AAA and its designees, and all purchasing companies must abide by its decisions. Sponsors must comply with the policies and procedures set forth by Event Management. The Event Management shall have full power to interpret, amend, and enforce these rules and regulations, provided any amendments, when made, are brought to the notice of purchasing companies.
  2. Rates, Deposits and Refunds: Full Payment is required at time of purchase. AAA accepts credit card payments (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express). If you need to pay by check or wire transfer please contact us at [email protected]
    1. Cancellation requests must be submitted in writing to the AAA  Sponsorships Manager ([email protected]). If written cancellation is received before December 10, 2022, the sponsorship will be refunded less 50% of the contracted fee.
    2. No refunds or cancellations will be made after December 10, 2022. If a sponsorship is canceled, all benefits will be forfeited and canceled.
    3. Payments by check must be received within one month of purchase. If the check is not received within this timeline, the sponsorship will be released for general sale. AAA cannot accept partial payment. Checks must be in USD and payable to the American Association for Anatomy.  All international bank fees are the responsibility of the sponsor/exhibitor.
    4. In the event of an incorrect price listing or quote, you will be notified by email or phone, and given the option to accept the corrected price or cancel the order. 
  3. Sponsored Events: Any sponsored event, meeting, seminar, reception, focus group, or similar function to which conference attendees are invited that is held during the official AAA schedule is subject to AAA approval. Please consult the AAA website for a schedule of events, or contact the AAA Events department.
  4. Trademarks: AAA will be held harmless for any trademark, trade name, copyright or patent infringement on any printed materials belonging to or distributed by any sponsor/exhibitor.
  5. List Publication: The list of AAA sponsors/exhibitors, in whole or in part, shall not be published other than in AAA official publications or on AAA official websites.
  6. Violations: AAA may at their discretion take away all or part of future sponsoring/exhibiting privileges for violations of the Rules and Regulations. In addition, violation of any of these Rules and Regulations by the sponsor/exhibitor or his or her employees or agents shall at the option of the AAA forfeit the sponsor/exhibitor’s right to benefits and such sponsor/exhibitor shall forfeit to AAA all monies paid or due. Upon evidence of violation, AAA may take possession of the sponsorship and may remove all persons and goods at the sponsor/exhibitor’s risk. The sponsor/exhibitor shall pay all expenses and damages that AAA may incur thereby.
  7. Facility Use: No function space will be released to sponsoring firms or other commercial firms for social functions without the permission of Event Management. Good taste and conformity to the purposes of the overall event must prevail. Showing of equipment or product presentations to registered members or guests of AAA by companies other than sponsoring companies during the stated hours is expressly prohibited.
  8. Severability: All agreements and covenants contained herein are severable, and in the event any of them shall be held to be invalid by any competent court, this agreement shall be interpreted as if such valid agreements or covenants were not contained herein. 



Contact AAA Exhibits and Sponsorships Sales Manager at 301-658-2115 or [email protected]  

Need more information?

Contact the AAA Exhibits and Sponsorships Sales Manager at 301-658-2115 or [email protected]

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New Exhibit Hours

Set up – Saturday, March 25, 2023


Exhibits Open   
Saturday, March 25, 2023 


Networking Break and Exhibits

Networking Break and Exhibits

Poster Sessions and Exhibits

Sunday, March 26, 2023



Networking Break and Exhibits

Networking Break and Exhibits

Poster Sessions and Exhibits

Sunday, March 26, 2023


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