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Journal Trust Fund & Investment Committee

Oversees investment — including, but not limited to, the 2nd Century Fund, the Bensley Trust Fund, and the Basmajian/Williams & Wilkins Award and Langman Award accounts — to ensure that these funds are invested according to policy and are used as required for the purposes for which they were established.


  • The committee typically conducts its business via phone, video conference, and written communication.
  • The committee meets with the investment advisor via quarterly video conferences, at minimum, to:
                 Review past, present, and prospective economic climate in relation to the investment strategy of each investment manager.
                 Review the investment strategies being used to fulfill the stated objectives.
                 Evaluate the risk levels of the securities represented in the portfolios.
                 Review trends in performance levels in relation to stated objectives.
                 Review quarterly written reports prepared by the investment advisor.
  • Additional contact will take place on an as-needed basis, either by phone or written communication.


  • Be an active member in good standing



NameCompanyThru Date
David MortonUniversity of Utah3/31/2026


NameCompanyThru Date
Julia BoughnerUniversity of Saskatchewan3/31/2026
Raj EttarhCalifornia University of Science and Medicine3/31/2027
Geoff GuttmannTexas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso3/31/2025
Irina NizamutdinovaUniversity of the Incarnate Word3/31/2027


The Committee shall hold quarterly video conferences and at such other times as the business of the Association may require.


The Committee Chair makes a report to the Board at least once a year.



  • 4 members,including 1 chair, plus the Secretary/Treasurer.
  • Committee members serve 3-years terms, and the chair serves a 2-year term, and sits on the Finance Committee.

Appointment Process

  • Per the Bylaws: The Board shall nominate, for approval by the Members, a Journal Trust Fund & Investment Committee. The Secretary-Treasurer shall serve as a member of such Committee.
  • Nominations are reviewed by the Executive Committee; scores, demographics, needs of the committee, and comments from the reviews are taken into consideration when choosing new members
  • New committee members are chosen, and then reviewed by the Nominating Committee
  • The new committee members are approved by the full Board of Directors
  • After Board approval, the full committee is approved by the membership by vote.
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