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Ambassador Committee

In alignment with the Strategic Plan, develop and execute outreach initiatives that promote the Association and the anatomical sciences. The primary focus of the Ambassador Committee is to serve as outreach ambassadors to assist with the recruitment and retention of members, as well as form and maintain mutually beneficial partnerships with appropriate entities outside of the association.

Fulfill all responsibilities and committee activities with an overriding objective of meeting the Association’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion strategies, goals, and priorities.


  • Be an active member in good standing.
  • Ability to travel on behalf of the Association (e.g., domestic and international travel).
  • Familiarity with membership programs and benefits.
  • Willingness to and comfort with engaging with a wide variety of people of differing backgrounds.


  • Perform annual status review and make suggestions for continuing previously established partnerships.
  • Identify, attend, and serve as ambassadors for outreach activities designed to interact with appropriate outside groups (e.g., activities to recruit members from underrepresented groups/entities).
  • Represent the Association by serving as ambassadors to guest societies and first-time attendees at all meetings (i.e., annual and regional), and other organizations’ events where the association has a presence.Promote association activities and resources to members and non-members via Anatomy Network and other media channels.
  • Develop a means/tool to measure the impact of outreach activities.
  • The committee consists of 2 subcommittees: Social Media, Support and Outreach
  • Review awards as appropriate. 
  • Welcome new members by making phone calls and sending emails to everyone who joins.
  • Retention outreach to encourage further engagement of existing members.



NameCompanyThru Date
Amberly ReynoldsRocky Vista University3/31/2026


NameCompanyThru Date
Sara AllisonWestern Michigan University Homer Stryker M.D. School of Medicine3/31/2026
Michele BarbeauWestern University3/31/2027
Lokesh CoomarSaint Louis University3/31/2026
Jodie FosterOhio University3/31/2026
Colleen GarnettUniversity of Alabama - Birmingham3/31/2026
Rekha KarUniversity of Texas Health Science Center At San Antonio3/31/2025
Megan KruskieIndiana University - Indianapolis3/31/2027
Enobong ObongUniversity of Ibadan3/31/2027
Mary PiscuraEdward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine3/31/2027
Krista RompolskiMoravian University3/31/2026


The Committee shall hold video conferences as needed and meet during the Annual Meeting.


The Committee Chair makes a report to the Board at least once a year.


  • 14 members including 1 chair.
  • Committee members serve 3-year terms and the chair serves a 2-year term.

Application Process

  • Applications are solicited annually through a Call for Volunteers
  • Applications are reviewed and scored by the committee chairs and outgoing committee members; scores, demographics, needs of the committee, and comments from the reviews are taken into consideration when choosing new members
  • New committee members are chosen, and then reviewed by the Nominating Committee
  • The new committee members are approved by the full Board of Directors
  • After Board approval, notifications are sent out. Feedback is given if requested by the applicant
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