Meet the Candidates for Board of Directors

Term: 2021-2024  |  Open Positions: 2  |  Candidates: 4

Casey Holliday

Claudia Krebs

Current Position/Institution: Associate Professor, Program in Integrative Anatomy, Dept Pathology and Anatomical Sciences, University of Missouri

Ph.D. Institution:
Ohio University: Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, 2006

Earlier Positions:
Assistant Professor (2009-2015), Integrative Anatomy, Dept Pathology and Anatomical Sciences, University of Missouri; Assistant Professor (2007-2009), Department of Pathology and Anatomy, Marshall University. Instructor, (2006-2007) Biomedical Sciences, Ohio University. Fossil Preparator, Field Museum of Natural History, (1998-2000). 

[Current]: 3D Imaging and Computational Biology for Research Applications (Graduate students); Evolutionary Biology (Graduate students), Medical Gross Anatomy (Medical and Graduate Students). [Past/Recurring]: Evolutionary Morphology (Graduate Students), Anatomy Teaching Practicum (Graduate students).

AAA Committee/Roles:
2009-present, Member. 2014-2016 Short Term Visiting Scholarship Committee. 2018-present AAA Meetings Buddy Program. 2015-2020 Program Committee.

Other Professional Activities:
2013-2015, Secretary Division of Vertebrate Morphology Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology; 2018-2019: Program Committee International Congress of Vertebrate Morphology. 2017-Present: SICB Meetings Buddy Program; 2019 SICB Midwest Regional Meeting Host; 2011-present: Symposium Organizer (n=6): AAA, SVP, ICVM. Reviewer: NSF, NIST, NERC, Leverhulme Trust, many journals. 2020 Co-Editor Anatomical Record Special Issue: The Age of Crocodiles In prep. 2011-Present: Coordinator Dinosaurs & Cavemen Science Expo. 2019-Present Skype a Scientist.
2017: Outstanding Undergraduate Mentor Award, MU Office of Undergraduate Research; 2015: Early Career Investigator Award, American Association of Anatomists; 2011: Outstanding Instructor Teaching Excellence Award, University of Missouri School of Medicine Curriculum Board; 2006: Distinguished Osteopathic Commitment Award, OUCOM; 2003: Society of Vertebrate Paleontology Richard Estes Memorial Award.

Research Interest:
Vertebrate Paleontology and Evolution; Craniofacial Biology, Biomechanics, Skeletal Tissue Biology, Comparative Anatomy, Imaging

Candidate Statement
It has been a pleasure to be a member of AAA and the opportunity to serve on the Board of Directors is one of great responsibility. I thank those that encouraged me to participate. In no other society do I get to interact with such a diversity of scholars and educators, all of whom continue to inspire me. Having served on the AAA Program Committee and other efforts of the society for the past 10 years, I have come to know the resources, skills and passions of our members and I believe I can help us move forward this coming decade. The next five or ten years will undoubtedly shift how AAA evolves, how we evolve; and I see opportunities. I see opportunities for AAA to further encourage participation of members virtually, to attract new members who could not attend meetings in person, to welcome those who perhaps felt as if they did not fit, and to offer our members a robust, fruitful experience from a growing professional society. I see opportunities for AAA to become more engaged virtually with society. Few are as poised as our Anatomists to develop and deliver resources to the far reaches of the internet and beyond, to share our knowledge, our new discoveries and our ever-improving standards in education and training. I see opportunities for our members to be ambassadors of anatomy to not only our home communities, but now without the shackles of travel, to communities as distant as the facing screen. During this cruel tutelage of pandemic, AAA has the ability to reach beyond classic conferences and classrooms, to send its members into virtual communities, to build its digital resources and libraries, and to strengthen its partnerships with other scientific societies and institutions. 

I have always looked for how I can give back to my community, to foster fairness and equality, and to create new experiences for all generations. Feeding this internal charge, I have served as Program Officer for the International Society for Vertebrate Morphology and Secretary for SICB's Division of Vertebrate Morphology. I've organized many conference symposia, hosted regional meetings, coordinated community engagements at home, and manage a bustling lab of diverse investigators in comparative anatomy, vertebrate paleontology and evolutionary biomechanics. I have used these roles and experiences to help foster relationships among societies and their members, provide opportunities to young and underprivileged students and deliver new research and pedagogical materials in the anatomical sciences. I'll carry this forward as a member of the board at AAA. 

Other Professional Memberships Currently Maintained:
Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology (2000-present); Society of Vertebrate Paleontology: (2000-present); International Society for Vertebrate Morphology (2001-present); American Association for the Advancement of Science (2015-present). 

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