Educational Affairs Committee

In alignment with the Strategic Plan, the committee is responsible for planning the education/teaching content of the Annual Meeting, providing content for education/teaching tools on the website, reviewing applications for Education Research Scholarships, and carrying out other education-related projects.


Fulfill all responsibilities and committee activities with an overriding objective of meeting the Association’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strategies, goals and priorities.


  • Contribute to agenda item discussions during conference calls (about 4 per year).
  • Identify symposia topics of interest for possible presentation at the Annual Meeting.
  • Attend EAC meeting held during the Annual Meeting.
  • Review symposia proposals and make selections based on diverse membership interests.
  • Develop website content, workshops, webinars, etc., to increase the quantity and quality of educational resources available.
  • Review and score applications and select recipients for certain awards. 


  • Be a member in good standing
  • Provide a CV and brief synopsis of why you are interested in serving on this committee and how you might contribute to addressing its responsibilities
  • Additional information, such as a letter of reference, may be requested



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The committee shall hold about 4 conference calls per year and meet during the Annual Meeting and at other such times as the business of the Association may require.


The Committee Chair makes a report to the Board at the spring and fall meetings.


  • The committee shall consist of at least 10 members.
  • One position is reserved for a student member.
  • Members serve for 3 years; the chair serves for 2 years in this capacity.  The term begins after the Annual Meeting and continues through April of the Annual Meeting in the year of expiration.

Application Process

  • Applications are solicited annually through a Call for Volunteers
  • Applications are reviewed and scored by the committee chairs and members; scores, demographics, needs of the committee, and comments from the reviews are taken into consideration when choosing new members
  • New committee members are chosen, and then reviewed by the Nominating Committee
  • The new committee members are approved by the full Board of Directors
  • After Board approval, notifications are sent out. Feedback is given if requested by the applicant