Virtual Dissection Database (VDD)

Inspired in part by the COVID-19 pandemic and funded by AAA in July 2020, the Virtual Dissection Database (VDD) launched in February 2021 as a digital library of dissection videos and cadaveric images, as well as surface anatomy and clinical resources, to assist in teaching the anatomical sciences.

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The VDD is a free resource available to faculty, educators, and researchers worldwide. Request access to this one-of-a-kind teaching library.

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As a new resource, the VDD is also growing! If you have anatomical content you would like to share, please contact Matt Vilburn or Samantha Simet of the University of Nebraska Medical Center. The platform allows content authors to retain copyright, while providing a secure environment that maintains the integrity and anonymity of body donors, allows faculty to stream dissection videos, and provides a database of downloadable images.


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VDD Advisory Board

Thomas Champney, University of Miami
Valerie Burke DeLeon, University of Florida
Claudia Krebs, University of British Columbia (CAN)
Jonathan Wisco, Boston University

VDD Review Board

Christopher Ferrigno, Rush University
Christina Fojas, Marist College
Maureen Helgren, Quinnipiac University
Caitlin Howe, Drexel University College of Medicine
Edgar Meyer, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Aaron Murray, University of Birmingham (UK)
Samantha Simet, University of Nebraska Medical Center
Matt Vilburn, University of Nebraska Medical Center

The VDD Team

Principal Investigator: Matthew Vilburn, University of Nebraska Medical Center
Co-Principal Investigator: Samantha Simet, University of Nebraska Medical Center