Postdoctoral Fellowship - Education and Basic Science

Provides salary support to an AAA member who is a postdoctoral trainee working in any aspect of biology relevant to the anatomical sciences. 

 Postdoctoral Fellowship will now be two basic science postdoctoral awards each year and up to one education research postdoctoral award. 

Postdoc Fellowship Education Research   
Provide salary support to members who are postdoctoral trainees working in educational research relevant to the anatomical sciences. For an individual engaged in educational research--with equivalent rigor to basic science research postdoctoral trainees.  


Criteria and Eligibility

  • Must be a member for 1 year prior to applying and remain a member for the duration of the fellowship
  • Submission materials:
    • CV (NIH 4-page biosketch format preferred)
    • 4-page maximum proposal of research that includes (references do not count toward the page limit):
      • abstract (~300 words)
      • specific goals and significance (~1/2 page)
      • background and preliminary data (~1 page)
      • research design (~2 pages)
      • font size must be no smaller than 11 point Georgia or Arial
    • Letter describing other salary and research support available to the postdoc in the sponsor laboratory. This should confirm that funds supplementary to the AAA Fellowship will be provided to support the Fellow at NIH-equivalent salary levels, and that health insurance will be paid by the sponsor 
    • 3 letters of recommendation including; 1 from the sponsor/supervisor of the project; 1 written by an AAA member (who may also be the sponsor)
  • Candidates should be working on a research project encompassing any aspect of biology that is relevant to the anatomical sciences. Approaches can include, but not limited to, cellular, molecular, genetic, or histological techniques, and/or emphasize development, evolution, morphology, or human health.
  • Review by the Scientific Affairs Committee


April 16