Innovation Grants Program

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  1. I am not a current member but my co-investigator is a member.  Do we both need to be members to submit an application?  
    Yes, all applicants included on a proposal must be current members.
  2. Is there a specific section of the proposal where we should address how the proposal  "connects to the organization’s strategic plan goals"? 
    Yes, in the proposal abstract or specific aims section of the proposal.
  3. Because AAA only supports direct costs, does the proposal need to state the source of specific funds that are available to cover indirect costs that are associated with the proposal?  
    No, we will assume that the submitter will cover those costs.
  4. Should we seek sponsors to cover some of the costs?  
    No, the goal of the grant is to provide enough funding to cover direct expenses related to the proposal.
  5. How can I confirm that my proposal is appropriate for this program?  
    The key thing to keep in mind is how will it support the AAA Strategic Plan and benefit AAA members. If you can make that connection then it would be worth submitting for consideration.
  6. Are research proposals limited to that in the anatomical sciences or will all fields of biomedical research be considered?  
    Only research proposals connected to the anatomical sciences will be considered.
  7. I am interested in submitting a proposal to create/develop a product or service which will be sold for profit.  Would this be considered for a grant?