Awards Eligibility Career Disruption Policy

Several awards required nominees to be within 10 years of their highest earned degree at the time of nomination.

The Board of Directors has established the following policy regarding this criterion:

Nominees, who have had a career disruption in the 10 years post their highest degree earned, may be eligible for a two (2) year extension of eligibility. A brief description is necessary on the submission form and the judging committee will make decisions on a case by case basis. Extensions are not guaranteed.

This policy is targeted towards those individuals who are up to 12 years post-terminal degree and can showcase a career disruption within their initial 10 year-post terminal degree period.

Examples include: extended time away from office for child or family care (including birth, adoption, or fostering of a child and/or adult family member care); personal or family long-term illness, professional career disruption related to other unforeseen circumstances.