Human Body Donation Task Force

Formalized in 2020, the task force aims to:

  • increase awareness about whole body donation for education and research
  • advocate for body donor best interests
  • develop and contribute to best practices
  • strive to inform policymakers and regulatory efforts
  • support legal and ethical program operations and activities for educators, researchers, body donors, and the greater anatomy community

Task Force Members

  • Joy Balta, The Ohio State University
  • Thomas Champney, University of Miami
  • Chris Ferrigno, Rush University Medical Center
  • Laura Johnson, University of Missouri
  • Callum Ross, University of Chicago
  • Brandi Schmitt, University of California
  • Heather Smith, Midwestern University

For more information about human body donation, COVID guidelines, the use of cadavers in medical education, and how to donate your body to science, visit