How are the board candidates chosen?

The Call for Nominations was conducted membership-wide from August through September. The Nominating Committee carefully reviewed the submissions and selected a slate of candidates to present to the membership, using the following criteria:

  1. To be considered, the nominee must be a member in good standing.
  2. Candidates must demonstrate career leadership within the focus areas of our strategic plan: Research; Education; Professional Development; Science Communications; Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity; and Infrastructure and Governance.
  3. Candidates are assessed on their commitment to the organization's strategic plan and contribution to a healthy and representative mix of diversity on the Board. These attributes include:
  • Demographics: gender, age, race and ethnicity, etc.
  • Geographic representation
  • Career leadership experience in the anatomical sciences
  • Strategic planning experience
  • Technology acumen
  • Organizational affiliation and diversity of media and technology represented
  • Membership type (professional, academic, or associate)
  • Executive management experience
  • Access to resources and support for the organization
  • Availability for active participation
  1. Candidates must demonstrate their access to resources and support for the organization, demonstrate they can fulfill the responsibilities of Board service, and understand the essential responsibilities of nonprofit boards.
  2. Nominees should demonstrate a history of service to the Association. Activities can include serving as an active member of a committee, event, or initiative.