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The call for Board of Director candidates is open. Nominations are due September 20, 2023

The Nominating Committee carefully reviews the applications for each potential candidate and selects a slate of candidates to present to the membership. Before you decide to run, please read over the following material carefully. There are very specific eligibility requirements and responsibilities that board members are fully expected to meet to run and to serve.

What positions are available?


Serves a three-year term (2024-2027). Two positions are available. Review the Director Expectations. (this document will be signed prior to the election if nominee is selected to be slated) 

Criteria for determining whether to forward nominees to the membership for a vote:

  • To be considered, if you self-nominate or nominate a colleague, the nominee must be a member in good standing.
  • Candidates must demonstrate career leadership within the focus areas of AAA's strategic plan: Research; Education; Professional Development; Science Communications; Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; and Infrastructure and Governance.
  • Candidates are assessed on their commitment to the organization's strategic plan and contribution to a healthy and representative mix of diversity on the Board. These attributes include:

Demographics - Gender, Age, Race and Ethnicity, etc.
Geographic representation
Career leadership experience in the Anatomical Sciences
Strategic planning experience
Technology acumen
Organizational affiliation
Membership type (professional, academic, or associate)
Executive management experience
Availability for active participation

  • Candidates must demonstrate they can fulfill the responsibilities of Board service and understand the essential responsibilities of nonprofit boards.
  • Nominees should demonstrate a history of service to the Association. Activities can include serving as an active member of a committee, event, or initiative.
  • Nominees cannot serve on the Nominating Committee.
  • Nominees need to review the Director Expectations and will be required to sign this after selected to run for the Board in the election. 

Application Questions include: 

  • Describe how you have demonstrated dedicated service to AAA or other organizations and committees (Use one example;150-400 words). 
  • Demonstrate your strengths when working in a team, both as a member and leader (Use one example;150-400 words). 
  • Highlight your strengths in communication  (Use one example;150-400 words).  
  • Describe how you have demonstrated strategic thinking (Use one example;150-400 words). 
  • Candidate Statement (150-400 words)

Submitting a nomination is simple:

  1. Carefully review the criteria and expectations on this page.
  2. Use the nomination form to provide contact information for the potential candidate.
  3. The application system will automatically send the nominee a link to finish the application. Completed applications will be due October 2.

Nomination of women and underrepresented minority candidates is highly encouraged.

Election and Call for Board Timeline

September 20 - Nominations due 

October 2 - Final Applications due

Week of October 30 - Board of Directors Approve Slate of Candidates

November - Photo and updated/revised Vision Statement due from each slated candidate

December - Launch of Candidate webpages and broadcasted to membership

January 2 - Election Opens

January 31 - Voting ends 

February - Election Results sent to membership

Your 2023 Board of Directors