Meet the Candidates for Student Director 

Term: 2023-2026  |  Open Positions: 1  |  Candidates: 2

Casey Boothe

Candidate Statement: As a graduate student in my last year of my PhD, I realize just how important developing a professional network is. As I apply and interview for jobs, it has been exciting and so meaningful to have the support of faculty both within my institution and at other institutions across the United States. Outside of my institution, these relationships would not be possible without AAA. I was unable to attend AAA in person until this past spring in Philadelphia due to the COVID-19 pandemic. That being said, I did my best in April to meet as many people as possible and learn as much as possible. As a result of that one in-person conference, I am now involved in groups and projects with other anatomists across the country and in Canada. I want to serve on the Board as the Student/Postdoc Director because AAA has already impacted my development and future as an educator greatly. I want to continue building my professional network with individuals who are passionate about the anatomical sciences and education so that I may continue to grow as an educator. In addition, I know the value of being a member of AAA--it provides opportunities to learn about new, exciting research, present your own research, and mingle with others who will help you progress professionally. Serving in this role would be a wonderful way for me to give back to AAA. I am very comfortable meeting and conversing with new people as well as connecting people who have similar interests--whether in teaching strategies or research. I am also very organized and excited to step into new, challenging opportunities and roles of leadership. As a graduate student, something I have really enjoyed doing is trying new, innovative things in the classroom. I am not afraid to step outside of the box of a typical lecture and implement something unique. In the same way, I would be elated by the opportunity to advance the mission of AAA through innovative ways. 

Current Position/Institution: Doctoral Candidate, PhD in Clinical Anatomy Program, School of Graduate Studies in the Health Sciences, University of Mississippi Medical Center

Ph.D. Institution: University of Mississippi Medical Center

Teaching: [Current] Teaching assistant in Medical and Graduate Histology and Cell Biology (graduate and medical students); Pre-matriculation Histology and Cell Biology (medical and dental students); Pedagogy in Health Sciences (graduate students); Medical Gross and Developmental Anatomy (graduate and medical students); Essentials of Anatomy (graduate students); Fundamental Histology and Cell Biology (graduate students)

Other Professional Activities: HAPS Conference Planning Committee

Awards: AAA Student/Postdoc Travel Award (2020-2022); AAA Student/Postdoc Registration Award (2021); AAA award finalist for Student/Postdoc Education Research Poster Award (2021)

Research Interest: Self-regulated learning and metacognitive awareness of Master’s students enrolled in graduate gross anatomy and histology courses; time management techniques and study strategies utilized by Master’s students in graduate anatomy courses; incorporating retrieval practice into anatomy education

Other Professional Memberships Currently Maintained: Human Anatomy and Physiology Society (HAPS)

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