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Virtual Annual Meeting Week 2020

Original article, published in Anatomy Now on March 19, 2020:

Coming Soon: Virtual Annual Meeting Week

While we are all disappointed that Experimental Biology 2020 was cancelled, we are readying some ways for you to channel that spirit online!

Mark your calendar: AAA’s virtual meeting is April 6-10.

We know this won’t replace the full in-person Annual Meeting experience. But we hope it will give you an opportunity to connect, interact, share, and learn virtually.

Are you going virtual, too?

If you or your students are making your research available through an online public presentation, virtual symposium, or other creative format inspired by quarantine, let us know! Send details to Bill Rowan, Director of Communications & Marketing.

What’s in store for Virtual Annual Meeting Week?

We’re still working on the details, but you can expect a daily email during Virtual Annual Meeting Week featuring myriad activities and announcements. The bulk of activity will take place on anatomy.org, Anatomy Connected, Twitter, and via email. We invite you to connect with us and each other on social media using the hashtag #Anatomy20.

Stay in the know:

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Follow along with VAMW

Note: this is not a "virtual meeting."

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