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Awards, Grants, & Scholarships

Detailed awards information will be added soon. Members will continue to receive award information and upcoming deadlines directly via email and Anatomy Connected. To see which awards are currently available, please reference the Award Deadlines on this page. For more information or to apply for an award, click here.

Every year, AAA bestows more than $350,000 in awards, research grants, and scholarships to members. Recipients include those new to the profession, those who have dedicated their careers to the anatomical sciences, and everyone in between. In fact, 84 percent of members who have been in the field for seven years or less look to AAA for award opportunities specific to biomedical researchers early in their training. Other prestigious awards recognize those who have demonstrated exemplary service and have made long-term contributions — ensuring that members are recognized throughout every phase of their careers.

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For all awards, women and underrepresented minority candidates are encouraged to apply.

Award Selection Process

Various committees are responsible for reviewing applications and selecting finalists for awards, grants, and scholarships. Below is an overview of responsibilities for awards selection. Detailed information about the application and selection process can be found on each award page.

One in 10 of our members receives an award, scholarship, or grant every year.

Our robust awards program is one of the most important member benefits — one that has a significant positive impact on member success and satisfaction. Not a member?

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Award Deadlines

Following is a chronological list of deadlines for all awards, grants, and scholarships, subject to change at any time. Updates may be posted to the website, on social media, and/or via member communication.

Click the award name for information on, and to apply for, available awards.

January 31 Early-Career Publication Award
February 1Short-Term Visiting Scholarship, Round 1
March 1 – Outreach Grants, Round 1
March 1 – Anatomy Training Program
June 1 – Short-Term Visiting Scholarship, Round 2
June 15 – Innovations Program, Letter of Intent
August 1 – Outreach Grants, Round 2
August 15 – Henry Gray Distinguished Educator Award
August 15 – Henry Gray Scientific Achievement Award
August 15 – A.J. Ladman Exemplary Service Award
August 30 – Early-Career Investigator Awards
September 1 – Innovations Program, Proposals
October 1 – Short-Term Visiting Scholarship, Round 3
October 1 – Postdoctoral Fellowships
October 15 – Basmajian Award
October 15 – Fellows Grant Award Program
October 15 – Education Research Scholarship
December 1 – Fellow of the AAA

Annual Meeting Support

Travel & Competition Awards
Our Travel Awards help students/postdocs offset the cost of attending the Annual Meeting. Applicants are also eligible for onsite Competition Awards.